This is a CR80
(like a credit card)

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We have two types of cards

1) CR80 (like a credit card)
2) Hangstyle Card (like a card that hangs
on your door knob at that hotel)

All cards come with
1) One years web membership at
Here you have a custom web site for just your music.
Pictures of your cd and your tunes and
25 secure mp3 music downloads

2) Music Review: Ward31 News

3) All are 100 plastic like a credit card.
15mil thick and with the option of
full colour custom (your art)

4) Personal PIN codes with scratch-off panels
a) Adjustable card dollar values.
b) Configurable number of downloads allowed per card
c) Permission controls - specific songs can be configured
to be downloaded by specific card ranges

5) Manage up to 25 songs in MP3 format, including a photo for each song
a) Manage your artist profile and personal photo
b) Manage up to 25 upcoming events including event photos

You may purchase your own customized cards
or just 100 of our cards.

Call Paul 416-693-9413.

------------------------------ is representing this product
which is being bundled with the NewsPaper Ward31 News